The second of two massive hardcover facsimile volumes. Totaling more than 1200 pages with ALL of Robert E. Howard’s writings from Weird Tales. Including stories, illustrations, verse and letters to the editor.

This volume is printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of only 50 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Rudy Nebres; book design by Neil and Leigh Mechem; title page illustration by Roy Krenkel; introduction by Neil and Leigh Mechem.

Scanned right from the original pulp pages. No editing. No reset text.

This book is sold out and out of stock. It was published by Girasol Collectables.


  • Introduction by Neil and Leigh Mechem
  • The Devil in Iron (Conan) [Rankin]
  • The People of the Black Circle Part 1 (Conan) [Rankin]
  • The People of the Black Circle Part 2 (Conan) [Rankin]
  • The People of the Black Circle Part 3 (Conan) [Rankin]
  • A Witch Shall Be Born (Conan) [Rankin]
  • The Grisly Horror [Napoli]
  • Jewels of Gwahlur (Conan) [Doolin]
  • Beyond the Black River Part 1 (Conan) [Rankin]
  • Beyond the Black River Part 2 (Conan) [Rankin]
  • Shadows in Zamboula (Conan) [Napoli]
  • The Hour of the Dragon Part 1 (Conan) [Napoli]
  • The Hour of the Dragon Part 2 (Conan) [Napoli]
  • The Hour of the Dragon Part 3 (Conan) [Napoli]
  • The Hour of the Dragon Part 4 (Conan) [Napoli]
  • The Hour of the Dragon Part 5 (Conan) [Napoli]
  • Black Caanan [Delay]
  • Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. May 1936,
    “Enthusiasm impels me . . .”
  • Red Nails Part 1 (Conan) [De Lay]
  • Red Nails Part 2 (Conan) [De Lay]
  • Red Nails Part 3 (Conan) [De Lay]
  • Tribute to REH by RH Barlow (poem)
  • Black Hound of Death [De Lay]
  • The Fire of Asshurbanipal [St. John]
  • Dig Me No Grave [Finlay]
  • The Soul-Eater (poem)
  • The Dream and the Shadow (poem)
  • Which Will Scarcely Be Understood (poem)
  • Futility (poem); “This is the “Golden goats . . .” version
  • Fragment (poem)
  • Haunting Columns (poem)
  • The Poets (poem)
  • The Singer in the Mist (poem)
  • Pigeons From Hell [Finlay]
  • The Last Hour (poem)
  • Ships (poem)
  • Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die (poem)
  • A Thunder of Trumpets [Finlay]
  • Recompense (poem)
  • The Ghost Kings (poem)
  • The King and the Oak (poem)
  • Desert Dawn (poem)
  • Almuric Part 1 [Finlay]
  • Almuric Part 2 [Finlay]
  • The Hills of Kandahar (poem)
  • Almuric Part 3 [Finlay]

The following stories originally appeared in Weird Tales in the 1930s. These were reprinted with new illustrations in the 1950s.

  • Pigeons From Hell [Coye]
  • The Black Stone [Silvey]
  • The Dark Man
Year :March 2006
Book No. :None
Edition :1st
Format :Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages :631
Cover :Neal Adams
Illustrations :Listed under notes
Howard Works


Interior Artists:
Lee Brown Coye
Harold S. De Lay
Joseph Doolin
Virgil Finlay
Vincent Napoli
Hugh Rankin
W. H. Silvey
J. Allen St. John


The Weird Writings of Robert E. Howard Volume 2