The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard reveals a side of Howard’s personality that readers of his fiction might not suspect existed. Full of humor, philosophical musings, travelogue, historical sketches, and opinions on contemporary politics and events – local, national, and international – Howard’s letters provide important insight into the life and times of one of the most influential pulp-era writers of the twentieth century.

This three-volume, limited-edition series collects all the known letters written by REH. The collection includes dozens of previously unpublished letters and hundreds of poems that made their initial appearance in these volumes. This three-volume set collects more than 350 letters, from the early ones to his Texas friends, most notably Tevis Clyde Smith, and continuing through correspondence with fellow writers Clark Ashton Smith, E. Hoffmann Price, and others. Also included are Howard’s letters to H. P. Lovecraft, which constitute one of the most intriguing correspondence cycles in the history of fantasy fiction.

This is the “Ultimate Edition” which just means that it’s printed on demand. Each volume is printed in hardback with a dust jacket.  The cover design and artwork are by Mark Wheatley. The first edition can be seen here.

This third volume of a three-volume set collects the rest of all of Howard’s known correspondence.


  • xi – Introduction by Rusty Burke
  • xvii – First Edition Notes on the Text by Rob Roehm
  • xiv – Second Edition Notes from the Editor by John Bullard
  • xxi – List of First Edition Letter Numbers with Their New Second Edition Numbers


233To August Derleth, ca. January 1933 (“I was much interested in your accounts …”)
234To August Derleth, ca. February 1933 (“After so long a time, I’m getting around …”)
235To August Lenniger, Feb. 20, 1933 (“Here are the copies of ‘The Shadow Kingdom.’”)
236To Donald Wandrei, ca. February 21, 1933 (“I’ve been intending to write …”)
237To August Derleth, ca. March 1933 (“I should have told you …”)
238To H.P. Lovecraft, March 6, 1933 (“I have just read your recent letter …”)
239To August Lenniger, March 8, 1933 (“This is to inform you …”)
240To Magic Carpet, ca. March 1933 (“Congratulations on the quality …”)
241To Carl Jacobi, March 17, 1933 (“I am glad to write to Wright …”)
242To August Derleth, ca. March (23?) 1933 (“I quite agree with you …”)
243To Robert H. Barlow, ca. April 2, 1933 (“Here are some notes …”)
244To H.P. Lovecraft, April 23, 1933 (“I’m enclosing some of the latest views …”)
245To August Derleth, ca. May 1933 (“As a starter …”)
246To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. May 1933 (“I was in Brownwood Yesterday …”)
247To The Claytons Magazines, June 13, 1933 (“A few weeks ago …”)
248To Hugh G. Schonfield, June 15, 1933 (“As I promised …”)
249To Fort Worth Bank, carbon, June 17,1933. (“I enclose deposit slips …”)
250To Clark Ashton Smith, postmarked ca. June, 1933 (“I hardly Know …”)
251To August Derleth, July 3, 1933 (“Please accept my belated Thanks …”)
252aTo H.P. Lovecraft, early draft, ca. July 1933 (“You have frequently warned me …”)
252bTo H.P. Lovecraft, later draft, ca. July 1933 (“The writer intimated that culture …”)
252cTo H.P. Lovecraft, later draft, ca. July 1933 (“…without hope of monetary gain.”)
252dTo H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1933 (“Glad we got the physical-mental …”)
253To August Derleth, ca. July 1933 (“Thanks immensely for the opportunity …”)
254To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. July 1933 (“I really must Apologize …”)
255To Clark Ashton Smith, pm, July 22, 1933 (“I can hardly find words …”)
256To August Derleth, ca. August 1933 (“Yes, I certainly did enjoy …”)
257To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. August 1933 (“I am sending on to you …”)
258To August Derleth, September 4, 1933 (“Glad you liked the rhyme …”)
259To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. September or October 1933 (“I was very sorry to hear …”)
260To Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. October 1933 (“The Galleon Press …”)
261To August Derleth, ca. October 1933 (“Thanks very much …”)
262To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. October 1933 (“Thanks very much …”)
263To August Derleth, ca. October 1933 (“By all means use the hawk incident …”)
264To Charles D. Hornig, November 1, 1933 (“Thanks for the copy …”)
265To H.P. Lovecraft, November 3, 1933 (“Glad you liked the rattles.”)
266To Charles D. Hornig, Nov. 10, 1933 (“Here is a short story …”)
267To August Derleth, ca. November 1933 (“I enjoyed reading your …”)
268To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. November 1933 (“I am so submerged in work …”)
269To The Fantasy Fan, ca. Nov 1933 (“I find the Fantasy Fan very interesting …”)
270To H.P. Lovecraft, December 3, 1933 (“Glad you found the cat article …”)
271To August Derleth, ca. December 1933 (“I think Scribners was nuts …”)
272To The Fantasy Fan, ca. late 1933 (“I liked the November issue …”)
273To Clark Ashton Smith, postmarked, December 14, 1933 (“Only the fact …”)
274To Clark Ashton Smith, postmarked, December 20, 1933. Christmas card.
275To August Derleth, ca. December 1933 (“Hope you had a good Christmas.”)


276To August Derleth, ca. January 1934 (“I note with sympathy …”)
277aTo H.P. Lovecraft, draft, ca. Post January 10, 1934 (“… Consider them as servants …”)
277bTo H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1934 (“I enjoyed very much your account …”)
278To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1934 (“I deeply appreciate your sympathetic expressions …”)
279To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. January 1934 (“Thanks again for the drawing …”)
280To Clark Ashton Smith, ca. March 1934 (Possibly March 15, 1934) (“I am sorry to hear you have been indisposed …”)
281To H.P. Lovecraft, March 24, 1934 (“Here’s a little item which might interest you …”)
282To August Derleth, ca. late March 1934 (“Pardon this belated letter.”)
283To The Fantasy Fan, ca. April 1934 (“Smith’s poem in the March issue …”)
284To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. May 1934 (“Glad you’re having such a good time …”)
285To Denis Archer, May 20, 1934 (“As you doubtless remember …”)
286To R. Fowler Gafford, May 20, 1934 (“This answer to your last letter …”)
287To Clark Ashton Smith, pm, May 21 1934 (“My delay in answering …”)
288To Denis Archer, May 22, 1934 (“As you doubtless remember …”)
289To August Derleth, May 30 1934 (“I have a feeling that I’ve been owing you a letter …”)
290To Robert H. Barlow, June 1, 1934 (“Concerning the illustrations …”)
291To August Derleth, ca. June 1934 (“Having completed several weeks of steady work …”).
292To Unknown Recipient, June 13, 1934 (“Pressure of work …”)
293To Robert H. Barlow, June 14, 1934 (“If I ever decide to dispose …”)
294To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. June 1934 (“Glad you’re finding your stay in Florida …”)
295To Robert H. Barlow, July 5, 1934 (“Here, at last, is the ms …”)
296aTo H.P. Lovecraft, Draft, ca. July 1934 (“This whole debate rose from …”)
296bTo H.P. Lovecraft, Draft, ca. July 1934 (“In regard to our debate …”)
296cTo H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1934 (“I started writing this months ago.”)
297To Carl Jacobi, ca. Summer 1934 (“Thank you for the kind comments …”)
298To Charles D. Hornig, August 10, 1934 (“Glad you liked the verses.”)
299To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. September 1934 (“Thanks very much for the post-cards.”)
300To Novalyne Price, September 27, 1934 (“How about going to the show …”)
301To August Derleth, ca. mid-October 1934 (“I haven’t yet gotten a copy …”)
302To August Derleth, December 11, 1934 (“I recently found your letter …”)
303To Emil Petaja, December 17, 1934 (“Thank you very much …”)
304To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. December 1934 (“I read your account of your trip …”)
305To Novalyne Price, ca. December 1934 (“Like my meal ticket, Conan …”) 


306To Alvin Earl Perry, ca. early 1935 (“The first character I ever created …”)
307aTo H.P. Lovecraft, draft, ca. January 1935 (“… As for my alleged anti-human” tendencies …”)
307bTo H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1935 (“I have finally found time …”)
308To August Derleth, ca. February 1935 (“I would have written you long ago …”)
309To Emil Petaja, March 6, 1935 (“Glad the ms. proved satisfactory.”)
310To Charles D. Hornig, May 3, 1935 (“I’m very sorry to learn …”)
311To Farnsworth Wright, dated May 6, 1935 (“I always hate to write a letter like this …”)
312To Otis Adelbert Kline, May 13, 1935 (“I’m writing this to ask …”)
313To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. May 1935 (“The reason I haven’t answered …”)
314To August Derleth, ca. June 1935 (“I reckon you’ve wondered …”)
315To Novalyne Price, postmarked June 19, 1935; handwritten postcard (“The weather is good …”)
316To Novalyne Price, postmarked June 20, 1935; handwritten postcard (“Cordially”)
317To August Derleth, postmarked June 20, 1935; handwritten postcard (“This card …”)
318To Novalyne Price, July 4, 1935 (“I take my typewriter in hand …”)
319To August Derleth, July 4, 1935 (“Thanks very much for the article …”)
320To Novalyne Price, July 9, 1935 (“Thank you for your invitation to call …”)
321To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1935 (“Thanks very much for the fine postcard views …”)
322To Emil Petaja, July 23, 1935 (“Please believe my delay in answering …”)
323To Clark Ashton Smith, July 23, 1935 (“I’m ashamed of my long delay …”)
324To Emil Petaja, September 6, 1935 (“Yes, I did like ‘Witch’s Berceuse’ …”)
325To H.P. Lovecraft, October 3, 1935 (“Here are some clippings …”)
326To August Derleth, November 1, 1935 (“I should have written you …”)
327To August Derleth, November 28, 1935 (“Thanks for the opportunity …”)
328To H.P. Lovecraft, December 5, 1935 (“A rather belated reply …”)
329To Robert H. Barlow, December 17, 1935 (“Thank you very much for the copy …”)
330To August Lenniger, December 27, 1935 (“I have received your letter …”)
331To American Fiction Guild Bulletin, ca. Late 1935 (“Robert E. Howard. Old Pioneer American stock …”)


332To William Kofoed, January 8, 1935 (“Glad that Bloomfield can use …”)
333To Otis Adelbert Kline, January 8, 1936 (“A belated Acknowledgment …”)
334To Otis Adelbert Kline, January 13, 1936 (“Just read yours of the 11th.”)
335To Otis Adelbert Kline, January 18, 1936 (“Just read your letter of the 15th.”)
336To H.P. Lovecraft, February 11, 1936 (“Glad you enjoyed the dream write-up …”)
337To Robert H. Barlow, ca. February 14, 1936 (“This is to express …”)
338To Novalyne Price, February 14, 1936 (“I heard yesterday you had the mumps …”)
339To E. Hoffmann Price, February 15, 1936 (“I’ve eventually found time …”)
340To Novalyne Price, February 25, 1936 (“I’m sorry but I won’t be able to keep the date …”)
341To Novalyne Price, March 5, 1936 (“I just now read the letter …”)
342To P. Schuyler Miller, March 10, 1936 (“I feel indeed honored …”)
343To Weird Tales, ca. April 1936 (“Enthusiasm impels me …”)
344To August Derleth, April 15, 1936 (“Just a hurried line to let you know …”)
345To E. Hoffmann Price, April 21, 1936 (“Glad you-all liked ‘She-Devil’.”)
346To Jack Byrne, April 21, 1936, draft (“My agent, O.A. Kline …”)
347To Frank Thurston Torbett, postmarked April 28, 1936 (“I’m sorry …”)
348To Dime Sports Magazine, published June 1936. (“So many of you fans …”)
349To August Derleth, May 9, 1936 (“I am indeed sorry to learn …”)
350aTo H.P. Lovecraft, partial draft of May 13 letter (“I am indeed sorry to hear …”)
350bTo H.P. Lovecraft, partial draft of May 13 letter (“I am indeed sorry to hear …”)
351To Novalyne Price, May 27, 1936 (“You needn’t have bothered …”)
352To The Californian Magazine, Summer 1936 (“Thank you very much …”)
353To E. Hoffmann Price, June 3, 1936 (“Sorry to hear Pawang Ali …”)
354To Frank Thurston Torbett, postcard, postmarked June 3, 1936 (“My mother is very low.”)
355To Otto Binder, ca. post June 5, 1936 (“1/2 a cent is O.K. …”)

Undated Material

356“Again glancing over your last letter …”
357“The Seeker thrust …”
358“Skulls Against the Dawn”

Documents Enclosed with TCS Letters

359“The Adventurer’s Mistress”
360“I’ve done my part in writing it.”.
361“Poem penned by Akbar Ali . . .”.
363“Sang the King of Midian”
364“Sang the King of Midian”
365“Thoughts of an Afghan on a raid.”
366“Relentless Reginald . . .”
367Drawing of a strange cow

Undated Letters to Unknown Recipients

368To Unknown Recipient, undated, unsent. (“I’m writing mainly to find out …”) – mentions the title Rogues in the Candlelight.
369Undated (“Schlitz didn’t pay a penny …”)


370To Wilfred B. Talman, November 26, 1930 (“I highly appreciated your letter …”)
371To Emil Petaja, February 15, 1936 (“I am ashamed …”)
  • 475 Appendix Four: Photographs 
  • 485 Howard’s Address Lists
  • 489 Index
  • 491 Editors’ Notes
  • 493 General Index
  • 541 List of Howard’s Correspondents
  • 543 List of Howard’s Poetry and Plays
  • 545 List of Drawings and Photographs
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Edition :2nd edition, version 1
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Cover :Mark Wheatley
Illustrations :None
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  • Edited by Rob Roehm & John Bullard
  • Annotations by Rusty Burke
  • Print on demand “Ultimate Edition”

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The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard Volume Three: 1933-1936 ultimate

This third volume of a three-volume set collects the rest of all of Howard’s known correspondence.

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