In the story “BLACK HOUND OF DEATH,” darkness envelops a man as he ventures through an isolated pine forest, known among the locals as Egypt, to warn a reclusive man named Richard Brent about a dangerous fugitive on the loose. However, he stumbles upon a nightmarish scene involving brutal murders that appear to be executed with beastly ferocity. This terrifying experience is compounded by encounters with the mysterious and deadly Adam Grimm, a man transformed into a horrifying creature seeking revenge.

“Black Hound of Death” was received by Howard’s agent, Kline, on August 16, 1934. See also Untitled synopsis (The Black Hound of Death).

First published in Weird Tales, November 1936. A tale of horror in the Deep South Piney Woods. Featuring Kirby Garfield, Tope Braxton, Adam Grimm, and Richard Brent, and his niece Miss Gloria Brent. Black devil-monks of Yahlgan are also involved. Sold for $100.00, $90.00 to Howard.


The narrator sets out at night to warn Richard Brent of a dangerous escaped convict, Tope Braxton, believed to be hiding in the pine forests referred to as Egypt. On his way, he discovers Jim Tike, a local black man, brutally murdered with wounds resembling animal attacks. Soon, he encounters a mysterious figure whose presence instills an inexplicable fear, leading to a struggle where the narrator barely escapes with his life.

Continuing his journey despite the danger, the narrator meets Brent’s servant, Ashley, and his niece, Gloria, who have also encountered the beastly figure. They seek refuge in Brent’s cabin, but Brent, driven to paranoia and madness, refuses the narrator entry, suspecting him to be in league with his supernatural stalker.

After being denied entry, the narrator stumbles upon the scene of another murder just outside the cabin and overhears inside a chilling confession from Brent. Brent reveals his past betrayal of his expedition partner, Adam Grimm, in Mongolia, which led to Grimm’s transformation by the black monks into a monstrous creature bent on revenge. Brent admits to fleeing and hiding to escape Grimm’s wrath, which has now found him in the remote woods.

Adam Grimm, now a horrific beastly figure, attacks the cabin, targeting Brent and his niece. In a desperate struggle, the narrator, still outside, shoots through the cabin window, trying to stop Grimm from killing Brent and Gloria. Despite multiple gunshot wounds, Grimm’s monstrous determination allows him to fatally wound Brent before dying himself from his injuries.


  • Kirby Garfield: The story’s narrator, who ventures into the forest to warn Richard Brent about a dangerous fugitive. He becomes embroiled in the nightmarish events that unfold.
  • Richard Brent: A reclusive man living in the pine woods, whose dark past with Adam Grimm catalyzes the story’s horrific events.
  • Adam Grimm: Formerly Brent’s expedition partner, transformed into a monstrous creature by the black monks of Mongolia. He seeks vengeance against Brent for abandoning him.
  • Tope Braxton: A dangerous convict whose escape initially prompts the narrator’s journey into the woods.
  • Jim Tike: A local black man found murdered by Grimm in the forest.
  • Ashley: Richard Brent’s servant, who tries to assist Gloria and encounters the narrator in the woods.
  • Gloria Brent: Richard Brent’s niece, unwittingly drawn into the deadly situation through a deceptive telegram sent by Grimm.
  • The Black Monks of Mongolia: Mysterious figures who transform Adam Grimm into a beast as part of their dark sorcery.

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