Robert E. Howard wrote many types of stories. These are funny, over the top adventures about Breckinridge Elkins from Bear Creek. Could be categorized as funny western. The volume is 369 pages, plus introductory material.

This volume is printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 200   copies, each individually numbered. Cover design and painting by Richard Bernal; introduction by Mark Finn; edited by Rob Roehm and Paul Herman.

This book is still available. It’s published by the Robert E. Howard Foundation.

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  • Tickled Ribs and Slapped Knees: Robert E. Howard and Breckinridge Elkins by Mark Finn (Introduction)
  • Mountain Man
  • Guns of the Mountains
  • A Gent from Bear Creek
  • A Stranger in Grizzly Claw
  • A Elkins Never Surrenders
  • War on Bear Creek
  • The Haunted Mountain
  • The Feud Buster
  • Cupid from Bear Creek
  • The Riot at Cougar Paw
  • The Apache Mountain War
  • Pilgrims to the Pecos
  • Pistol Politics
  • Evil Deeds at Red Cougar
  • Gents on the Rampage
  • Gents in Buckskin
  • Politics at Lonesome Lizard
  • Sharp’s Gun Serenade


  • Six-Gun Interview
  • A Gent from Bear Creek, draft
  • Untitled synopsis (The Road to Bear Creek)
  • Untitled synopsis (Evil Deeds at Red Cougar)
  • Untitled synopsis (Gents on the Rampage)
Cover art by Richard Bernal
Year :August 2016
Book No. :None
Edition :1st
Format :Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages :xiv plus 369
Cover :Richard Bernal
Illustrations :None
The Robert E. Howard Foundation Howard Works


Edited by Paul Herman and Rob Roehm.

First appearance:
A Gent from Bear Creek (draft)
untitled synopsis (The Road to Bear Creek)
untitled synopsis (Evil Deeds at Red Cougar)
untitled synopsis (The Road to Bear Creek)
All the texts were obtained from Howard’s typescripts or carbons with the exception of “The Apache Mountain War” and “Sharpe’s Gun Serenade” which were obtained from ACTION STORIES, December 1935 and January 1937, respectively.

This is the first in a series of two books. Limited edition of 200 copies


The Adventures of Breckinridge Elkins Volume 1