My name is Ståle Gismervik and I’m a Howardholic… and I guess that is true.

It all started with discovering Conan around 1990 and I was 17 years old. It was actually the first of a new wave of Conan releases. A Norwegian Conan comic book (100 pages in B&W issued monthly). There were monthly issues of Conan then and I was hooked. Not much later I discovered one singular issue of SSoC at a local shop selling used comic books. I also had a class mate who gave me one of the issues from 1984 or -85 when Conan first was released as its own comic book in Norway.

When I went to Oslo (capital of Norway) to study I also discovered there where books about Conan and the first ones I found was the books from Tor publications. I collected and read all I could find.

Building the Conan website

In the beginning there was only Conan. The Internet was relatively new and I created one of the worlds very first and very soon largest Conan website. I started this when I got my internet connection in 1995. For several years I enjoyed running the Conan website and had people visiting from all over the world. Many of these are still active in the Howard community today and you can find them in various Facebook groups.

But in 2007 I was tired, fed up and lost interest with Conan. Also I was in desperately need of money. I sold my entire collection (books, comics) including my website around august 2007. And I sold it cheap.

It wasn’t very long before I regretted what I had done. I don’t know what hurt the most, the domain name or my collection. I sold it way too cheap and now I had almost nothing left. Later I discovered that I had some Conan plastic toys, letter openers and even a few posters.

Portrait of Robert E. Howard by Mark Wheatley
Portrait of Robert E. Howard by Mark Wheatley
The latest image of my bookshelf
My Underwood no. 5 typewriter
The latest image of my bookshelf

Renewed interest

I can’t remember exactly when and it doesn’t make quite sense since what actually caught my interest again was Dark Horses Conan comics. Marvel lost the right to publish them and a new artist, Cary Nord, got my attention. Slowly I started building my comic book collection anew. Finding books and comics on Ebay and other places.

In early 2016 I discovered The REH Foundation and became a member of the ‘Legacy Circle’. I also went overboard on Ebay (and haven’t really stopped since) at the same time. By june 2016 I purchased the complete series of The Savage Sword of Conan (1-235) in very fine / near mint. 

Since my rediscovery of Conan and especially Robert E. Howard, I have read most of his stories, letters and what’s written about him. There is still more to read and more to collect, but as long as I enjoy it, I’ll keep on.

The World of Robert E. Howard Website

I’ve wanted to do a website about Robert E. Howard for years but always found it hard to get started. I obtained the domain name over a year before these pages got started. I finally got the guts and started during Christmas 2020 and launched it on New Years Eve the same year. 

This website is dedicated to Robert E. Howard, his works and characters. I hope it will continue to grow.

Other REH Projects

In august 2021 I started helping out Paul Herman with the REH Foundation website and the REHF Press website. This is an ongoing project where I have taken the role as webmaster.

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Conan by Cary Nord