Cineaste volume 23, number 1

An American magazine with articles, essays and reviews. This issue contains a film review of ‘The Whole Wide World’ by Kulørte sider is a Danish magazine about comics as a media. Contains an article about Robert E. Howard and the breakthrough Marvel did. Also some information about the non-Howard Conan movie, amongst others an interview with the director.

One Who Walked Alone – Robert E. Howard: The Final Years

One Who Walked Alone: Robert E. Howard, The Final Years is a memoir of Robert E. Howard by Novalyne Price Ellis. Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. published the book in 1986 with an edition of 800 copies. The book was adapted into the film The Whole Wide World in 1996. Grant has reprinted the book four times: 1988 (550 copies), 1998 (500 copies) and twice more. Starting with the third printing, the dust jacket was changed to include a picture of Renée Zellweger from her role in The Whole Wide World.

The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard Volume Three: 1933-1936

The REH Foundation is proud to present The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard. This three-volume, limited-edition series collects all the known letters written by REH. The collection includes dozens of previously unpublished letters and hundreds of poems.

This three-volume set collects more than 330 letters, from the early ones to his Texas friends, most notably Tevis Clyde Smith, and continuing through correspondence with fellow writers Clark Ashton Smith, E. Hoffmann Price, and others. Also included are Howard’s letters to H. P. Lovecraft, which constitute one of the most intriguing correspondence cycles in the history of Fantasy fiction.

Each volume is printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 300 copies, and are individually numbered. Cover design and artwork is by Jim & Ruth Keegan.