Western Tales

The REH Foundation Press is proud to present Western Tales, a collection of Robert E. Howard’s traditional and weird western stories. The book checks in at 550 pages, and was printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited first-print quantity of 200 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Tom Gianni and introduction by James Reasoner.

Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector

Dennis McHaney put together a book Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector that he published through Lulu last summer. He solicited and received tributes to Glenn from a number of Howard fans. This is a tribute to Glenn Lord from 2011, winner of Robert E. Howard Foundation Award. Subtitled “For the 50th Anniversary of The Howard Collector and the Eightieth Birthday of Glenn Lord”.
An earlier edition of 50 numbered copies, were signed by Glenn Lord and published in June 2011.

The Cimmerian #5 volume 2

Features a comprehensive essay on Robert E. Howard’s work in the spicy pulp genre, an article on the historical origins of Howard’s fictional Cimmeria, a piece delving into the literary underpinnings of the Conan story “Black Colossus,” a rare Novalyne Price historical oddity, a breaking news scoop in Announcements, Howardian poetry, an overflowing letters column, and more.

The Cimmerian #9 volume 3

Features a detailed exploration of the creation of Howard’s first American hardcover, Skull-Face and Others, an article on some mindblowing authentic Howard book finds, an article about discovering a previously unknown Howard connection with a famous author, a trip report of Pulpcon 2006, letters, art, and more.