“The Gondarian Man” is a gripping short story set in a speculative world where an ancient, preserved being is discovered, challenging the understandings of human history and evolution.


The story begins with a group of workers in Gondar, led by Amser Ram, unearthing an ancient metal case that is speculated to have originated from another planet due to its unfamiliar material. Upon opening the case, they encounter a monstrous being which they initially assume is long dead. However, to their horror, the creature shows signs of life, reviving due to the exposure to air.

This being, unlike any known form of human, stands upright and has a terrifying appearance, including long talons and unusual jointed limbs. The story describes a chaotic and deadly confrontation between the creature and the workers, leading to multiple deaths before the creature itself is killed by Ram using a ray projector.

The narrative then shifts to a report by the Lord of Science, which speculates on the origins and implications of the Gondarian Man. The report suggests that the creature might have belonged to a highly advanced civilization capable of preserving life for millennia. This civilization is presumed to have existed long before contemporary human history began, indicating that multiple advanced societies have risen and fallen on Earth without leaving any trace.

The Gondarian Man, standing over six feet tall with unique physical characteristics distinct from modern humans, presents a blend of human and alien features that confound contemporary scientists. The discovery prompts a reconsideration of human ancestry and the cyclical nature of civilizations on Earth.

The report concludes with reflections on the existential and philosophical implications of the discovery, suggesting a continuity of life that sees civilizations rise and fall, with each leaving behind scant evidence of their existence.


  • Amser Ram: The leader of the excavation team in Gurt, Gondar, who first encounters and ultimately kills the Gondarian Man using a ray projector.
  • The Gondarian Man: An ancient being from a long-extinct civilization, discovered in a metal case and temporarily revived upon exposure to air. Its appearance and biological characteristics challenge existing notions of human evolution and history.
  • The Lord of Science: The author of the report discussing the Gondarian Man, providing scientific insights and speculating about the implications of the discovery for understanding prehistoric civilizations and the nature of human evolution.

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