Men of the Shadows is a story/novelet in the Bran Mak Morn series. It was rejected by Weird Tales in 1926. Written circa 1925-1926.

From a letter from Farnsworth Write dated March 16th, 1926 we learn:

Dear Mr. Howard:-
I thoroughly enjoyed “Men of the Shadows,” but I fear I can not use it in Weird Tales. It is too little of a “story,” despite the vigorous action in the opening pages. It is rather a chronicle of a tribe, a picture of the  evolution of a race; and thereby it lacks the suspense and thrill that a story of individual conflict and hopes and fears and drama would have.

I do not know of any magazine that would take a story like this, unless possibly Frontier. But if you send it to Frontier, I suggest that you first clarify the conflict between Bran Mak Morn and the wizard, on page 11, for the reader is left in the dark as to what happened, as to what Bran Mak Morn did to cause the wizard to give up.

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