“A Gent from Bear Creek” is the title of both an original short story, as well as a novel created by combining several previous short stories with some new material; the previously published short stories were altered a little to create chapters with a continuous storyline, and new material was added as additional chapters.

This story along with “The Ghost with the Silk Hat” and “Guns of the Mountains” was received by Howard’s agent, Kline, on November 8, 1933.

This short story was altered slightly to become Chapter 5 of the novel, A Gent From Bear Creek.

From the letters:

In a letter (#299) to H.P. Lovecraft, ca. September 1934 he mentions the story:

I sent you a couple of magazines under separate cover, which you’ve doubtless got by this time. The paragraphs marked with a pencil in “Gent From Bear Creek” are not mine. The enthusiasm of the editor prompted him to insert them. They doubtless help the story.

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