Ariel #1

Ariel was a fantasy magazine published by Morning Star Press, later Ariel Books, and Ballantine Books. There is a six page preview of the upcoming novel adaptation of THE VALLEY OF THE WORM. Article about Frank Frazetta. Two Howard poems, “The Symbol” and “A Crown for a King”. Also features “Conan the Existential”, an essay by Charles Hoffman (a variant of Conan the Existentialist from 1974).

Robert E. Howard’s Myth Maker

Myth Maker by Cross Plains Comics. Adaptations of Howard’s short stories. Contains “Men of the Shadows” and “Dream Snake” by Tim Sale and Matt Hollingsworth, “Spear & Fang” by Richard Corben and Eric Hope, and “Dermod’s Bane” by Kelley Jones, Laurie Smith, and George Freeman.

Pin-up art by Rafael Kayanan, John Bolton, Michael Kaluta, Mark Schultz, Steve Lightle, and Colin MacNeil, a bit of history on comics adaptions of Howard’s creations by Thomas, and a short bio on Novalyne Price Ellis, author of a well-known Robert E. Howard memoir, by Rusty Burke.

Fantasy Crossroads #9

A fanzine or periodical edited by Jonathan Bacon from August 1976. Issue 9 Contains the first appearance of THE LAST LAUGH by Howard. It also contains a review of the album record “From the Hells beneath the Hells” by Dennis McHaney and a Red Nails portfolio by Gene Day. It also contains a short story by Tevis Clyde Smith.

Chacal #1

Chacal was a US slick-format small-press Magazine. 2 issues was published (Winter 1976, Spring 1977) . The title is French for jackal.

Among the first quality Small-Press magazines, Chacal grew from REH: Lone Star Fictioneer, a fanzine devoted to Robert E Howard. The focus remained mostly on Sword and Sorcery, with stories by David C Smith and Karl Edward Wagner. 

Sword & Fantasy #5

The front cover art is from a foreign Conan paperback edition. Articles include a facsimile of the 24 page writer’s bible to the 1997 Conan The Adventurer TV series. Two vintage 1940s articles on Clark Ashton Smith from the British fanzine Fantasy Review. The novella “Demon Wizard” by James Van Hise. A review of the 1982 Conan The Barbarian movie. A folio of covers from foreign language Robert E. Howard paperbacks. “Lin Carter And The Curse Of The Monolith” by Richard Toogood. A 1959 fanzine article about Robert E. Howard. Artwork by Rick McCollum, Virgil Finlay, Virgil Partch, Alfredo Alcala, Frank R. Paul and others.

Sword & Fantasy #1

Fanzine published by James Van Hise.

Articles include detailed guides to several classic Robert E. Howard fanzines (CROSS PLAINS, LONE STAR FICTIONEER, etc). Jim also gives a detailed look at the Robert E. Howard story “Valley of the Worm.” There is also the transcript to the Wandering Star Robert E. Howard panel (which I was on) from the 2002 San Diego Comicon. Plus featuring his 7,000 word article on Karl Edward Wagner’s KANE series wherein he reviews and examines every published Kane story Wagner wrote. Jim also takes a detailed look at Gil Kane’s classic sword & sorcery comic BLACKMARK.

This issue also features artwork by Mike Zeck (a vintage Conan illustration he did in the 1970s, which is a real knockout), art by Steve Fabian, Rick McCollum and others. Plus some surprises, like a nice repro of an illo from the WEIRD TALES appearance of “Kings of the Night”.


Bloodstar is an American fantasy comic book. Possibly the first graphic novel to call itself a “graphic novel” in print (in its introduction and dust jacket), it was based on a short story by Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian, and illustrated by fantasy artist Richard Corben. The book was published by The Morning Star Press in a limited signed and numbered edition.

The story is a black and white graphic novel adaptation of “The Valley of the Worm”.

The Dark Man V5N2 (#15): The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies

Edited by Mark Hall. The Dark Man V5N2.

The Dark Man: Journal of Robert E. Howard and Pulp Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the academic study of Robert E. Howard’s literary legacy as well as the literary historical and print culture contexts associated with it. The journal seeks to publish full-length articles, brief critical notes and commentaries, bibliographies, reviews of books, and other scholarship that treats Howard’s life, time, literary work, and associated topics such as Weird Tales, H.P. Lovecraft, and the concept of a transhistorical pulp fiction aesthetic.