Weird Tales 1925 July

After years of rejection slips Howard finally sold a short caveman tale titled “Spear and Fang”, which netted him the sum of $16 and introduced him to the readers of a struggling pulp called Weird Tales. Spear and Fang is a story of conflict between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals.

Weird Tales 1925 August

“In the Forest of Villefere”, is a very short story, barely 4 pages long. But, the story is tight in that it; introduces the main character de Montour of Normandy, puts him on a dark road at night that is known for strange happenings, and strange creatures. de Montour meets a mysterious traveler along the way, who tells him a legend about werewolves.

Weird Tales 1928 May

Contains the story Sea Curse, a tale which starts with a village tragedy. A local girl who lives with her elderly aunt has been seduced and deflowered by a swaggering, drunk sailor.

In despair she drowns herself in the ocean. The sailor mocks her aunt over the girl’s washed-up body on the beach. The old aunt retaliates by putting an awful, terrible curse upon the sailor and his mate…and from that moment, the wheels of awful destiny are put into motion.