UNTITLED STORY (When Yar Ali Khan crept into the camp of Zumal Khan, . . .) 150 words, unfinished. El Borak is not mentioned in the brief story.

The unfinished story sets a tense and dramatic scene that underscores themes of bravery, conflict, and the personal vendettas that often underlie political and tribal struggles in the region.


The story opens dramatically with Yar Ali Khan, an Afridi tribesman, attempting to assassinate Zumal Khan, a notorious bandit leader. This scene is set within Zumal Khan’s camp, located somewhere in the rugged terrain near the Himalayas. Yar Ali Khan infiltrates the camp under the cover of night, intent on killing Zumal Khan to possibly end his reign of terror.

As Yar Ali sneaks into Zumal Khan’s tent, he almost succeeds in his assassination attempt. However, a heavy Bokharian rug disrupts his approach, causing him to stumble and alert Zumal Khan. The noise awakens the bandit leader just in time to defend himself. In the dim moonlit tent, a brief but intense confrontation occurs. Zumal Khan manages to grab a pistol and fires at Yar Ali, who reacts quickly by throwing his knife. The knife strikes not Zumal Khan, but the pistol, knocking it from his hand and disrupting the shot.

In the chaos that follows, Yar Ali Khan makes a swift escape through a slit he had previously made in the tent as an exit strategy. The camp erupts into commotion with bandits swarming from all sides, but they fail to catch Yar Ali, who disappears into the night. The story leaves readers at the height of the escape, emphasizing the skill and daring of Yar Ali Khan.


  • Yar Ali Khan: The protagonist, an Afridi tribesman, who attempts to assassinate the bandit leader Zumal Khan.
  • Zumal Khan: A notorious bandit and outlaw, the target of Yar Ali Khan’s assassination attempt. His leadership and criminal activities are hinted to have a significant impact on the region.
  • Bandits of Zumal Khan’s camp: They respond to the commotion in the camp but fail to capture Yar Ali Khan.

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