UNTITLED STORY (Steve Allison settled himself down comfortably in . . .) 1400 words unfinished story by Robert E. Howard featuring The Sonora Kid.

This untitled and unfinished story fragment by Robert E. Howard features Steve Allison, a central character, in a setting that mixes elements of Western adventure with a hint of mystery and intrigue. The story also introduces his young sister, Mildred, showcasing their close and protective relationship.

The story fragment intriguingly blends elements of Western adventure with a touch of mystery and international intrigue, set against the backdrop of New York City. However, being unfinished, it leaves readers curious about the connection between Steve, the mysterious woman, and the events that were to unfold.

The story

The narrative begins with Steve Allison comfortably settled in the library of the Allison family’s New York home, engrossed in a book about Early Assyrian Art. His mind wanders to ancient civilizations, illustrating his intellectual curiosity and depth of character. The peaceful scene is interrupted by the entrance of Mildred, who engages Steve in conversation. Mildred is portrayed as a youthful, vibrant character, embodying the spirit of a flapper with her bobbed hair and modern attire.

The story takes a mysterious turn when Mildred mentions an encounter with a dark-complexioned woman with bold, black eyes who inquired about Steve. This woman, described as having an Oriental appearance and a slight accent, seems to be linked to Steve’s past adventures. Steve’s reaction to this news is calm yet thoughtful, hinting at his complex history and experiences in foreign lands.

As the story progresses, an unexpected incident occurs – a knife is thrown into the room through an open window, narrowly missing Steve. The knife, of unique design and craftsmanship, prompts Steve to take swift action. He makes a phone call to Buck, a friend or associate, speaking in the Pima Indian dialect to maintain secrecy. Steve’s decision to meet Buck at Delmonico’s, a famous cabaret in New York, suggests that the story was about to delve into a mystery or adventure involving Steve’s past and the mysterious woman.


  • Steve Allison: The main character, a young man of intellect and adventure, comfortable in both Western and urban settings.
  • Mildred: Steve’s younger sister, embodying the youthful energy and style of a flapper.
  • Mysterious Woman: A dark-complexioned woman with black hair and an Oriental appearance, who inquires about Steve.
  • Billy “Drag” Buckner: An associate or friend of Steve’s, who is called upon for a meeting. Only referred to as Buck in this fragment.

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