“The Tale of the Rajah’s Ring” is a story set in the vibrant backdrop of Meerut, featuring Lal Singh, a bold and cunning Sikh warrior embroiled in a dangerous quest involving a precious ring belonging to a local rajah.

The narrative unfolds with intrigue, loyalty, and treachery, illustrating Lal Singh’s cleverness and bravery against the backdrop of the political and social dynamics of Meerut.


The narrative begins with Lal Singh recounting his journey to Meerut where he visits his uncle, a wealthy goldsmith. Tasked with delivering a newly crafted, valuable ring to the rajah, Lal Singh sets out with caution, aware of the potential dangers due to the ring’s allure.

En route, Lal Singh encounters a deceitful man from Delhi, a Mahratta, who tries to swindle the ring by pretending to be the rajah’s messenger. The Mahratta’s attempt to bribe Lal Singh exposes his true intentions when a group of bandits abruptly interrupts their meeting. A fierce skirmish ensues, with Lal Singh displaying his martial prowess by throwing the Mahratta through a window and fighting off the bandits single-handedly. After a daring escape by jumping into the river, Lal Singh manages to keep the ring safe and also secures a substantial amount of money from the Mahratta.

Continuing his mission, Lal Singh eventually reaches the rajah’s palace. He meets resistance from the rajah’s steward, who tries to cheat him out of the rightful reward. The arrival of the rajah himself complicates the situation, as does the unexpected appearance of the wet and disheveled Mahratta, who claims to have been robbed by Lal Singh.

A tense debate unfolds in the palace, with accusations flying between the Mahratta, Lal Singh, and various court officials. Lal Singh skillfully navigates the treacherous court politics by leveraging his knowledge and the unexpected support of another noble, who vouches for his integrity. His adept handling of the situation not only ensures his financial reward but also discredits his accusers.


  • Lal Singh – The protagonist, a Sikh warrior from Punjab, tasked with delivering a precious ring to the rajah.
  • Uncle (Unnamed) – Lal Singh’s uncle, a goldsmith in Meerut who creates the rajah’s ring.
  • Mahratta (Unnamed) – A deceitful man from Delhi who attempts to steal the rajah’s ring from Lal Singh.
  • Rajah (Unnamed) – The ruler to whom the ring belongs, who ultimately judges the truth of the situation in his court.
  • Steward (Unnamed) – The rajah’s steward who tries to cheat Lal Singh out of his rightful payment.
  • Various Bandits and Court Officials – Including a noble who ultimately supports Lal Singh’s account of events.
  • Mahratta (Ananda Lal) – Claimed to be the prime minister and the one who orchestrated the theft attempt. He bursts into the rajah’s court claiming Lal Singh had robbed him.

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