“The Sonora Kid’s Winning Hand” (unfinished) is a story set in a cattle town, centering around the character Steve, known as the Sonora Kid, and his sister Marion.

The story

As evening falls in the town, a horseman, Billy Buckner, informs Marion that her brother Steve is at the Mountain Rose, a local establishment, where he is successfully gambling. Marion expresses her concern to her aunt about Steve’s association with gamblers and saloon-men, worrying about the rough company he keeps. Her aunt, however, dismisses these concerns, pointing out that Steve often spends his winnings on Marion.

Steve, described as a young, slim, clean-cut cowpuncher with a heavy gun on his hip, returns home to find Marion worried. He cheerfully offers her a banknote for a new silk dress, a gesture from his recent gambling success. However, Marion, troubled by the source of the money, refuses to accept it and expresses her wish for him to stop gambling. Steve is taken aback by her refusal and her concerns about his gambling habits.

The characters

  • Steve (The Sonora Kid): A young, skilled cowpuncher who enjoys gambling.
  • Marion: Steve’s sister, concerned about his gambling and the company he keeps.
  • Billy Buckner: A horseman who informs Marion about Steve’s whereabouts and his success in gambling.
  • Aunt: Marion’s aunt, who is more pragmatic about Steve’s gambling, seeing it as a source of income.

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