Delve into the shadowy corners of “The House of Suspicion,” a thrilling mystery by Robert E. Howard. Join detective Steve Harrison as he navigates through cryptic clues and dangerous liaisons in his quest to uncover hidden truths in a decaying manor filled with secrets and silent threats. As danger mounts, will Harrison unveil the sinister plot or become another victim of the house’s murky past?

In the Otis Adelbert Kline logs, the original title listed was “The House of Suspicion”, then “Suspicion” is struck out, and “Death” written above it; offered by OAK to Strange Detective, not sold. Kline received the story on December 3, 1933.


Detective Steve Harrison receives a mysterious note urging him to meet at Storley Manor, promising information about a man named Richard Stanton. As he approaches the isolated and dilapidated mansion, he narrowly escapes an assassination attempt. At the manor, Harrison, pretending to be a stranded motorist named Buckner, is welcomed by the owner, John Storley, who lives with his purportedly disabled uncle William Blaine, the housekeeper Rachel, and a laborer named Joab.

Harrison quickly senses underlying tension and danger within the household. During dinner, he declines a potentially poisoned drink and later discovers a snake placed in his room to kill him. His investigations are interrupted when he receives a warning note, leading him to suspect that not all is as it seems with the Storley family and their servants.

Under the guise of darkness, Harrison meets Storley, who reveals that he himself sent the original message and that Stanton is hiding nearby. Storley advises caution as they are dealing with dangerous people. However, before more can be revealed, Storley must return to the house, fearing for his own safety.

The plot thickens as Harrison discovers that William Blaine, previously thought to be disabled, is neither blind nor deaf. Tensions escalate when Joab, driven by past crimes and manipulations by Storley, attacks Harrison but is fatally subdued by the detective.

As the night progresses, Harrison learns from Rachel, who has been brutally beaten and left for dead, that Storley has turned homicidal, having attempted to murder a young man—the real Richard Stanton—who has now lost his memory. Harrison rushes to save Stanton from Storley’s final attempt to kill him at a remote cabin rigged with explosives.

After a dramatic confrontation where Storley accidentally kills himself with his own booby trap, Harrison and Stanton piece together the motives behind the murderous schemes. They realize that family ties and hidden identities linked to a significant inheritance were driving forces behind the violence.


  • Steve Harrison – The main protagonist, a detective drawn into a web of deceit and murder.
  • John Storley – The owner of Storley Manor, who orchestrates a complex plot to protect his brother.
  • Richard Stanton – A key witness in a murder trial, whose testimony could be detrimental to his own brother.
  • William Blaine – Misrepresented as disabled, he is actually involved in the manor’s dark secrets.
  • Rachel – A mulatto housekeeper at the manor, who plays a pivotal role in saving Stanton and ultimately, Harrison.
  • Joab – A laborer who attempts to murder Harrison under Storley’s manipulation due to his own dark past.
  • The One Alone – Alias used by John Storley when he initially contacts Harrison, leading him into the trap.

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