The Hoofed Thing. Considered part of the Cthulhu Mythos. Cats, dogs, babies, children, and tramps successively and mysteriously disappear from the neighborhood.

The story was rejected by Bates at Strange Tales. Howard then sent it to Swanson (an amateur publisher in North Dakota) circa April 1932.

From the letters:

In the letter (#200) to Carl Swanson, written circa March 1932, we can learn:

Dear Mr. Swanson: 
I am sending you, under separate cover, a manuscript entitled “The Hoofed Thing” which I hope you can use in your magazine. I am sending this at a venture, as I have not been able to secure a copy of your publication, and so don’t know just what type of stories you use.

And again in a letter (#201) to Swanson, circa April:

If you like “The Hoofed Thing”, use it, and pay me whatever you are able. Also please keep the $.25 I sent you, and send me a copy of your magazine as soon as it is published — also let me know what the subscription price is.

Further information can be read in a letter (#203) to H.P. Lovecraft, ca. April 1932:

Swanson’s venture seems rather amateurish, but he may make something of it. I let him have a yarn, “The Hoofed Thing” which Bates had previously rejected.

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