First appearance:
“Dear Mrs. Shane” – a fragment of a story, written as a letter, for the “confessional” market. Title is the editor’s. 
“Black Mass” by Patrick Howard
“The Hoofed Thing” (early draft)
Untitled synopsis “The Black Stone”
“Jottings” – typewritten doodles.


  • 2 •  Letter from the Board (The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter, Summer 2013) • essay by uncredited
  • 3 • Dear Mrs. Shane • short fiction by Robert E. Howard
  • 4 • Black Mass • poem by Robert E. Howard [as by Patrick Howard]
  • 5 • The Hoofed Thing — early draft • short story by Robert E. Howard
  • 20 • News & Events – WorldCon 2013 • essay by Mark Finn
  • 20 • And the Award Goes to … • essay by uncredited
  • 21 • Untitled Synopsis (The Black Stone) • short fiction by Robert E. Howard
  • bc • Jottings • short fiction by Robert E. Howard
Publisher :The Robert E. Howard Foundation
Year :Summer 2013 (mailed late June/early July 2013) 
Format :Periodical  (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages :24
Cover :Photo taken by REH with a typed message on the back (Front)
“Jottings” by REH (Back, typescript)
Illustrations :None


Prepared for publication by Rob Roehm
Not available for individual sale. This newsletter was provided to Friends of REH and Legacy Circle members of the Robert E. Howard Foundation. It is a limited edition and all surplus copies will be destroyed at year’s end. 

Saddle stapled, wraps. 

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter v7 #2

Howard’s items are facsimile copies of typescripts, except for the First appearance:
Untitled draft (“The Haunted Mountain”)
Undated letter (unfinished, unsent)
“Baal” (Complete version)postcard.
“The Lion of Tiberias” fragment contains the initial pages of Howard’s first submission to Oriental Stories, which he later rewrote at the behest of Farnsworth Wright in the letter on p. 4.

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