In “The Further Adventures of Lal Singh,” we continue the journey of the spirited Sikh warrior, Lal Singh, as he navigates through the diverse and challenging landscapes of India, particularly focusing on his exploits in Bombay. Following his profitable yet tumultuous time in Meerut, Lal Singh moves on to new adventures, this time involving alliances that test his wit and resolve.

First printed in English in the chapbook The Adventures of Lal Singh (1985). It was not published in Howard’s lifetime.

This unfinished tale leaves readers imagining the possible outcomes of Lal Singh and Mukerji’s risky venture into the heart of Bombay’s mercantile wealth, blending adventure with the vibrant backdrop of Indian society.


After leaving Meerut enriched, Lal Singh travels to Delhi but quickly relocates to Bombay to avoid a potentially dangerous encounter with a disgruntled Rao from Rajputana. In Bombay, Lal Singh lives extravagantly, spending his considerable wealth on high living, including maintaining a servant, horses, and a coach.

While enjoying a ride in his coach, Lal Singh is surprised when he encounters Marendra Mukerji, a Babu he had previously outwitted in Meerut. Mukerji, undeterred by their past and showing a mix of cheek and charm, proposes a partnership. Despite Lal Singh’s suspicions, Mukerji persuades him with a plan to exploit the wealth of the Parsee merchants of Bombay. He outlines a scheme where Lal Singh would contribute muscle and some financial backing while Mukerji would bring in intellectual strategy and a portion of the capital.

Mukerji’s plan appeals to Lal Singh’s adventurous spirit and desire for wealth, leading him to cautiously agree to the partnership. The plan targets the affluent Parsee merchant community, promising high rewards.


  • Lal Singh – The protagonist, a Sikh warrior with a penchant for adventure and profit, who finds himself navigating the complex social and economic terrains of Bombay.
  • Marendra Mukerji – A cunning Babu from Meerut who, despite previous conflicts, seeks a partnership with Lal Singh to exploit Bombay’s wealthy merchants.
  • Rao of Rajputana – A background character who prompts Lal Singh’s move from Delhi to Bombay due to their past dealings.
  • Servant – Lal Singh’s servant who drives his coach and is noted to be exceptionally loyal.
  • Parsee Merchants – The potential targets of Lal Singh and Mukerji’s planned scheme, noted for their wealth and business acumen in Bombay.

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