Swords of Shahrazar” is a direct sequel to “The Treasures of Tartary”, following Kirby O’Donnell only days later. It starts with a recap of “The Treasures of Tartary”, then brings us up to date.

Howard’s agent, Kline, received the story on January 12, 1934.

Violet Cooper, Kline’s New York representative, initially offered the story to Thrilling Adventures. Somebody (Margulies) asked for a rewrite and sent it back to Kline on February 21, 1934. Howard rewrote the opening significantly. It was then offered again to Cooper, who turned it down on April 30 (still too long). It was subsequently sold to Miller with Top-Notch for $147. After Kline Agency got their share, Howard earned $124.90 for the story.

The original opening still exists, as Untitled “(Feel the edge, dog, . . .”), and is included in EL BORAK AND OTHER DESERT ADVENTURES.

Alternate titles:

Alternate title: THE TREASURE OF SHAIBAR KHAN and UNTITLED FRAGMENT (“Feel the edge, dog, . . .”) 


The city of Shahrazar has fallen to the Turkomans under Orkhan Bahadur. Since O’Donnell — still disguised as the Kurd, Ali el Ghazi — once saved Orkhan’s life, he has become the Turkoman’s “cup-companion”, Orkhan little knowing that it was O’Donnell who disposed of the treasure of Khuwarezm. But then, O’Donnell is found out by the (possibly) disguised European, Suleiman Pasha, and Suleiman decides to use that knowledge to force O’Donnell to be his agent. It seems the tribesmen of Kuruk discovered an Englishman dying in the Afghan hills and carrying secret papers, papers which Suleiman wants to get his grimy mitts on. He convinces Orkhan Bahadur to send O’Donnell with some men to recover the papers, intending that, in reality, O’Donnell will be working for him (Suleiman). But when O’Donnell reaches the Pass of Akbar, he discovers the Kurukzai has been run out and replaced by a motley crew of rogues led by the notorious Yusufzai, Afzal Khan, who men call “The Butcher”…

Swords of Shahrazar by Ken Kelly

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