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A 160 words unfinished story. “Drag” makes its debut appearance in “Western Tales.” This work is often referred to in Howard bibliographies as “Untitled ‘It was a strange experience . . .’”; however, at the top of the typescript page, “Drag” and “11 pages” are noted. It was decided to adopt “Drag” as the title for this piece.

The short and unfinished fragment titled “Drag” introduces an extraordinary experience shared by four individuals. The narrator, William Buckner, commonly known as “Drag,” doesn’t expect people to believe their story due to its seemingly impossible nature. The group consists of:

  • Gordon: Known for being the quickest on the draw and remarkable in many other aspects.
  • Steve Allison: Also known as “The Sonora Kid,” particularly in the Border region, and described as being impressive in his own right.
  • Lal Singh: A Sikh who excels in swordsmanship and has knowledge of Hindu magic.
  • William Buckner (“Drag”): The narrator, who has been involved in previous adventures with Steve and Gordon, including a significant incident in Afghanistan.

The fragment sets the stage for an adventurous tale involving these four characters, each with their unique skills and backgrounds.


UNTITLED STORY (It was a strange experience, and I don’t expect anyone . . .)

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