Incomplete fragment, 300 words.


According to Rusty Burke “Dagon Manor” was obviously a first fumbling attempt at “The Children of the Night.” In just 300 words you have Conrad introduced (but Kirowan unnamed), and two characters named Tavarel and Ketric (“I never liked the fellow. There was something about his bare, high skull, his cold light eyes and thin hooded nose which was unpleasantly reminiscent of a vulture or some foul bird of prey.”). In “The Children of the Night” we’re in Conrad’s study, and we find characters named Taveral (or Taverel, which is how it’s spelled after its first appearance) and Ketrick. Of the latter, we quickly learn that “to me the man always seemed strangely alien.” The only possible conclusion is that “Dagon Manor” was a false start to the story that became “The Children of the Night.”

It would then also belong to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Published in:


The Iron Harp volume 2, number 2, September 2002.