Howard’s second and final appearance in Thrilling Mystery was in the June 1936 issue. The story was “Black Wind Blowing” a mystery adventure. It was sold to Street & Smith for $40.00 by Binder circa April 1936.

From the letters:

In a letter (#345) to E. Howard Price we learn:

Dear Ed:

Glad you-all liked “She-Devil”. Glad, too, to hear of your continued sales record, and that the new boat is performing according to anticipations.
I’m in better shape financially than I was when you saw me last, in spite of my heavy expenses. Weird Tales has been paying regularly lately, another sale to Thrilling Mystery helped, and I’ve cracked two more S&S magazines — Cowboy Stories — with a humorous-western of the B. Elkins type; and Complete Stories, with a 24,000 word Oriental adventure novelet.

Price and his wife visited Howard in October 1935. The sale Howard refers to here is Black Wind Blowing. The Elkins tale is “A Man-Eating Jeopard” and the Oriental adventure novelet is 5. “Sons of the Hawk,” published as “The Country of the Knife,” August 1936.

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