The Hyborian Review (1996-2000)

Several years ago both my Conan website and The Barbarian Keep held the internet-magazine or e-zine, ‘The Hyborian Review’. These free publications was published irregularly by Garret and John Romaine between the 15th of May, 1996 and 30th of May, 2000.

The Hyborian Review was at one time the only internet-magazine dedicated to the yarns of the classic American writer Robert E. Howard. Although the emphasis of this now classic e-zine was on Howard’s most famous stories, the tales of Conan and their various incarnations, you’ll also find interesting content about the rest of Howard’s work and life within.

Containing many interesting insights and entertaining commentary, the Hyborian Review deserves some recognition for being the first internet magazine to focus on the work of Robert E. Howard. During its run, the e-zine garnered so many subscriptions that it was necessary to stop delivering the issues through e-mail and to set up a free web site for fans to download instead. That web site eventually disappeared. 

Since both The Barbarian Keep and my Conan website are more or less gone I wanted to preserve the issues here for all to enjoy.

Most of the contents on this page is taken from Edward Watermans website, the Barbarian Keep, that is now longer active. I wanted to preserve the information on these publications.