Fantasy Crossroads #6

A fanzine or periodical edited by Jonathan Bacon from 1975. Issue 6 contains ‘The Gondarian Man’ by Howard. The poem ‘Hope Empty of Meaning’ and a letter to Harold Preece, circa February 1930 is also included along with articles and poems by other writers.

Pecan Valley Days

The book is a history of Brown County, Texas, much of it personal history related by Tevis Clyde Smith.
Pages 44 through 47 are about REH, titled “Adventurer in Pulp”, with two photos, one of Bob in his boxing pose and one of Bob with Patch, his dog.

Lone Scout of Letters

Herbert C. Klatt was a primary figure of the Lone Scouts of America movement in Texas. Not only did he contribute to Lone Scout, the organization’s official organ, he also wrote articles for a plethora of “tribe papers” and edited Lone Scout columns for regional and community newspapers. Despite all this, Klatt is probably best known as a friend and correspondent of Texas author Robert E. Howard. Klatt’s importance in Howard’s biography has not been fully explored, but he was instrumental in the introduction of his more famous friend to the group of writers that eventually produced The Junto, including Harold Preece and Booth Mooney. Upon his death in 1928, Klatt’s friends attempted to garner support for a memorial collection of his writings. Plans were made and printers contacted, but the attempt was never realized—-until today. This anthology collects Klatt’s letters to Tevis Clyde Smith and a sampling of his Lone Scout material. It also includes material by Robert E. Howard, Truett Vinson, and Smith.

“So Far the Poet” and Other Writings

This collection was envisioned as a catch-all: Tevis Clyde Smith for the Robert E. Howard fan and scholar. It contains all of the known pieces that Smith wrote about Howard, contributed to Howard fan publications, or co-authored with Howard. It also contains many of the pieces Smith wrote while Howard was still alive: items from The Tattler, The Junto, and other publications, as well as the few, never-before published letters from Smith to Howard.

Gates of Empire and Other Tales of the Crusades

Gates of Empire presents eight of Robert E. Howard’s classic adventure stories, all of which are set during the Crusades. Stories include “Red Blades of Black Cathay,” “Hawks of Outremer,” “Blood of Belshazzar,” “The Sowers of the Thunder,” “The Lion of Tiberias,” “The Shadow of the Vulture” and “Gates of Empire”.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter v5 #3

Images out of the Sky is an anthology of poetry prepared by Tevis Clyde Smith, Robert E. Howard, and Lenore Preece. The Christopher Publishing House was interested in publishing the anthology, but wanted the authors to help pay the costs of production. The offer was declined. This issue contains the typescripts of the REH portion of the anthology.

The poems that follow the title page are facsimile copies of Howard’s contributed typescripts.
The letter to Clyde Smith accompanied the return of the Images Out of the Sky poetry from the publisher.
Images on the covers are facsimiles of the front and back of the envelope that the letter to Clyde Smith and the pages from Images Out of the Sky were shipped in.

Sentiment: An Olio of Rarer Works

Sentiment: An Olio of Rarer Works. This volume is the Howard collector’s dream, containing those hard-to-find stories from various small press publications from the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. No longer will readers have to seek out copies of Pay Day, Lurid Confessions #1, or The Dark Man #2; all of the Howard content in those volumes, and many more, is included here. Restored to Howard’s typescripts, when available.