Strange Detective Stories February 1934

The February 1934 issue of STRANGE DETECTIVE STORIES carried two stories by REH: “The Tomb’s Secret” and “Fangs of Gold”. It appears that the story titles were inadvertently switched. Howard’s agent, Otis Adelbert Kline, kept a list of titles and the magazines that purchased them.

Above “The Teeth of Doom” on Kline’s list, someone added “The Tomb’s Secret” and above “The People of the Serpent” on Kline’s list, someone added “Fangs of Gold.”

Steve Harrison’s Casebook – ultimate

Steve Harrison’s Casebook collects all of the known stories and fragments starring Howard’s hard-boiled hero. A never-before published draft of “Graveyard Rats” is also included. This volume is 296 pages, plus introductory material.

The Howard Collector 19

This issue contains ‘Black Canaan’ in Howard’s original version of the story. The original script was sent to Otis Adelbert Kline in Chicago who forwarded it to Jessica Miller in New York. No records survive to indicate what magazines the story was submitted to or what editorial requirements, if any, were made on the story. REH withdrew the script, rewrote it, and resubmitted it to Kline. Kline sent it to WEIRD TALES and it was accepted.


Contains the famous story Skull-Face (Steve Costigan), Lord of the Dead and Names in the Black Book (Steve Harrison). It also contains Taverel Manor which is a sort of follow-up no Skull-Face. This was never finished by Howard. Richard A. Lupoff wrote the rest of the story.