Robert E. Howard’s Strange Tales

A collection by Dennis McHaney from 2005. Black and white cover reproduction from the original publication source or other reprint sources for each story is included.
“The Caldron” contains letters to the editor from the last three issues of Strange Tales about Howard’s stories, including one from August Derleth and one from Clark Ashton Smith.

Robert E. Howard at the Black Dog

Contains a poem by Howard and a small excerpt from ‘Beyond the Black River’. This was created for the 100th birthday celebration of Robert E. Howard, held at The Torch in Forth Worth, Texas on January 21st of 2006. As the title says, it was originally scheduled to be held at the Black Dog Tavern, but was moved at the last minute.

Text was read aloud by Bill Cavalier at the party for Robert E. Howard’s 100th birthday.

Ring-Tailed Tornado

Prepared and presented by David Genzel from the first draft. Contains ‘Ring-Tailed Tornado’ which is presented here in its original form for the first time. Every other appearance before this has been of a version rewritten by someone at the Kline agency, rewritten into a Breckinridge Elkins story. 

According to Patrice Louinet, three drafts of this story were prepared. No typescript of the second draft seems to have survived. The third draft i almost certainly the source for the rewritten Breckinridge version. 

REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #1

The very first issue of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur from 1976. Contains several articles by Damon Sasser, artwork by James Bozarth. Even an article about an astrological look at Howard.

In the mid-1970s, when the Robert E. Howard Boom was just beginning, REH: Two-Gun Raconteur was on the cutting edge of Howard Fandom. During those heady days there was a continuous stream of hardback books, paperbacks, magazines, comics, chapbooks, fanzines, art portfolios and one-shot publications all devoted to the gifted author and poet from Cross Plains, Texas. When the Boom eventually faded out in the late eighties, the fans and admirers of Robert E. Howard still carried the torch, waiting for a time when Howard would return and that time has come. While not on as grand a scale as the earlier boom, it is nonetheless a great time to be a Howard fan.