Ring-Tailed Tornado

Prepared and presented by David Genzel from the first draft. Contains ‘Ring-Tailed Tornado’ which is presented here in its original form for the first time. Every other appearance before this has been of a version rewritten by someone at the Kline agency, rewritten into a Breckinridge Elkins story. 

According to Patrice Louinet, three drafts of this story were prepared. No typescript of the second draft seems to have survived. The third draft i almost certainly the source for the rewritten Breckinridge version. 

A Gent from Bear Creek and other tales (2005)

This version is published by Wildside Press in 2005. A Gent from Bear Creek was first published by Herberg Jenkins in England, 1937 after Howards death. 

The title of both an original short story, as well as a novel created by combining several previous short stories with some new material; the previously published short stories were altered a little to create chapters with a continuous story line, and new material was added as additional chapters.

This book also includes one Pike Bearfield story and one Buckner J. Grimes story that was rewritten by someone at the Kline agency into Breckinridge stories.