The Raven #1

The Raven is a fanzine created and published by Thomas Kovacs. The sort of prequel was Wolfshead.

Raven has a lot of Howard stuff and contains most of my Kovacs early translations and self made illustrations from 40 years ago. Thomas Kovacs was 21 at the time and at the beginning of his Howard “career”. He had intense  correspondence with Glenn Lord which lasted decades until Glenn’s death. Raven has even the very first Hungarian translation of a Howard poem in it. The heading tho „The Thing on the Roof“ was translated by my older brother at that time.

Robert E. Howard: A Literary Biography

David C. Smith looks at all the major and/or significant tales from Howard’s Underwood. Starting with “Spear and Fang” and on up through Bob’s last yarns written in 1936. While every Howard fan has his own list of favorites and his own interpretations thereof, Smith does a solid job of identifying and explicating the standout stories from REH’s career.