Magazine of Horror #21

Magazine of Horror #21 (volume 4 number 3).

Contains KINGS OF THE NIGHT. Kings of the Night (first published in Weird Tales, November 1930). The first story to feature Bran as a king and describes him as a direct descendant of another Howard character, Brule the Spear-Slayer, companion of the Atlantean King Kull.

Magazine of Horror #18

Magazine of Horror #18, november 1967 (volume 3 number 6).

Cover by Virgil Finlay. Contains the short story OUT OF THE DEEP (Faring Town). Submitted to Magazine of Horror by Glenn Lord. First publication ever. Here’s the introduction to the story:

In sending us this story, and another, entitled The Noseless Horror, Glenn Lord writes: “Both were apparently written prior to 1930, but, aside from that, I can tell you little about them. “Out of the Deep is a sequel of sorts to Sea Curse (WEIRD TALES, May 1928), for it is in that last named tale that Lie-lip Canool gets his comeuppance . . . As both original mss. were carbon copies, badly smudged where erasing had been done on the originals, I may have mis-translated a word or two. A warning, should you come across something that doesn’t seem correct. It might have been my fault.” … We didn’t notice anything which disturbed us, and are pleased to present this first publication of another Howard story, independent of any of his extended series.

Cross Plains Pilgrimage

Bobby Derie’s free book Cross Plains Pilgrimage was gifted to modern pilgrims (visitors) in Cross Plains on Howard Days 2022. It contains a sample of Derie’s scholarly work, focusing on E. Hoffman Price’s two visits to Howard. 


Contains the famous story Skull-Face (Steve Costigan), Lord of the Dead and Names in the Black Book (Steve Harrison). It also contains Taverel Manor which is a sort of follow-up no Skull-Face. This was never finished by Howard. Richard A. Lupoff wrote the rest of the story.

The People of the Black Circle

The People of the Black Circle is a 1977 collection of four Conan short stories. Based on the second of the three hardcover volumes comprising “The Authorized Edition”. Edited by Karl Edward Wagner. The illustrations by Hugh Rankin are from the original pulp publications. There was also a 1977 Science Fiction Book Club edition, which was retypeset and introduced numerous errors.

The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard

Most of the articles are reprinted from issues of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHUPA). Many are revised and expanded.

Other articles are from THE PULP COLLECTOR #18, STARLOG #238, CINEFANTASTIQUE (Jan 1997), and ROBERT E. HOWARD’S BLOOD & THUNDER #1.
Profusely illustrated by Virgil Finlay, Steve Fabian, Richard Corben, Roy G. Krenkel, Allen Koszowski, Hugh Rankin, Ray Capella, Rick McCollum, Jayem Wilcox, Lee Brown Coye, Ned Dameron, Ron Wilber, David Burton, T.J. Glenn, Jim Cawthorn, and original pulp illustrations by various artists.

Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian

This 860-page collection contains all of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian stories published during his lifetime, contextualized with biographical details of their author. The hardcover, a Multimedia Bundle Edition, includes the e-book and audiobook editions as downloadable bonus content.