Sword & Fantasy #19

No REH stories or poems in this volume, but a review of the movie The Whole Wide World and artwork featuring Robert E. Howard by Rick McCollum.

Contents include articles by and about H.P. Lovecraft. Sword & Sorcery art. Article on the A. Merritt novel THE FACE IN THE ABYSS, and more. Cover by Margaret Brundage.

Spicy-Adventure Stories October 1942

Spicy-Adventure Stories Volume 16 Number 3, October 1942. Contains NOTHING TO LOSE which is a reprint of THE PURPLE HEART OF ERLIK from Spicy Adventure, November 1936. Featuring Wild Bill Clanton.

Howard wrote some spicy adventure tales. This was published under the name R. T. Maynard while previously it was published under Sam Walser.

The Magic Carpet Magazine April 1933

The Magic Carpet Magazine Volume 3 Number 2. There was no Howard story in this one, but it contains a letter he wrote, circa March 1933. The letter starts like this: “Congratulations on the quality and appearance…”

Weird Tales #2

This second volume in a collection of various stories is called Weird Tales #2 and was edited by Lin Carter. It’s a revival of the classic fantasy and horror magazine Weird Tales. It is also numbered vol. 48, no. 2 (Spring 1981) in continuation of the numbering of the original magazine. The anthology was first published in paperback by American publisher Zebra Books in December 1980 along with the first volume in this series.

It contains the poem THE SONG OF THE GALLOWS TREE by Robert E. Howard.

Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 10

Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 10. 

This issue contains the story RESTLESS WATERS. Illustrated by D. Bruce Berry. The story is from an untitled typescript and Glenn Lord came up with the title. Probably the title should have been THE FEAR AT THE WINDOW.