There was no Howard story in this one, but it contains a letter he wrote, circa November 1932:

Thanks very much for the remarks and quotations in the Souk by which you corroborate the matter of Timour’s wine-bibbing. I welcome and appreciate criticisms in the spirit of Mr. Bell’s, though, as you point out, he chances to be mistaken in the matter of Timour and others. But criticisms of this nature promote discussions helpful and instructive to all. In regard to Moslem drinking, I understand that the Seventeenth Century Tatars of Crimea, before imbibing, spilled a drop of wine from the vessel and drank the remainder, declaring that since the Prophet forbade tasting a drop of wine, they thus obeyed the command. They spilled the drop and drank the rest. Many modern Moslems maintain that they disobey no holy law by drinking brandy and whisky, since the Prophet said nothing about these beverages — proving that Christians are not the only people on earth to wriggle out of laws by technicalities.


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Edited by Farnsworth Wright

Volume 3, number 1.
A continuation of “Oriental Stories” at lower cost.
“The Souk” is a combination editorial and letters to the editor.

Publisher : Popular Fiction Publishing Company
Year : January 1933
Replica by: Adventure House (January 2019), Girasol Collectables (March 2007),  Fiction House Press (August 2021)
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 132 including covers
Cover : Margareth Brundage
Illustrations : Joseph Doolin
Howard Works ISFDB

More information:

You can find this letter and more in the Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard Volume 2: 1930-1932

The Magic Carpet Magazine January 1933

There was no Howard story in this one, but it contains a letter he wrote, circa November 1932. The letter starts like this: “Thanks very much for the remarks…”

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