“William Aloysius McGraw” is an untitled and unfinished story (about 670 words) featuring the mischievous exploits of a young boy named William Aloysius McGraw. Set in a rural American town, the story delves into William’s interactions with his family, friends, and the local farmer, showcasing his knack for evading trouble with charm and wit.


William Aloysius McGraw, a boy with dark curly brown hair and dreamy grey eyes, is the product of an Irish-American union—his red-headed father from County Donegal and his black-haired mother from a pioneering American family. Despite his good looks and poetic face, William often finds himself in trouble, using his charm to navigate out of tricky situations.

The story begins with William lounging on an old wharf, when his mother, Mrs. McGraw, confronts him alongside the irate Farmer Denson. Denson accuses William of trespassing and swimming in his private swimming hole, presenting a defaced signboard as evidence. The sign, which originally prohibited swimming, had been humorously altered to insult the farmer. William, with his usual detached and innocent demeanor, mildly denies involvement, leaving both his mother and the farmer puzzled and frustrated.

After the encounter, William meets his close friends, Chauncey “Whale” Applewaite and Stephen “Steve” O’Sullivan Bender. Whale is a large, pale, and tow-headed boy, whose appearance of softness belies his underlying toughness. He comes from old American stock. Steve, on the other hand, is a lean and wiry boy with straight black hair and fiery blue eyes, embodying the fervent loyalty of his Irish-American heritage. Together, the trio forms a tight-knit group, often engaging in mischief and adventure.


  • William Aloysius McGraw: The protagonist, a charming and mischievous boy with dark curly brown hair and dreamy grey eyes. He skillfully evades trouble using his wit and charm.
  • Mrs. McGraw: William’s mother, who is often puzzled and frustrated by her son’s antics. She is part of an old American pioneering family.
  • Farmer Denson: A local farmer who accuses William of defacing his sign and trespassing on his property. He is easily angered and seeks to discipline the mischievous boys.
  • Chauncey “Whale” Applewaite: One of William’s best friends, a large and tough boy with pale skin and tow-headed hair. He is of old American descent.
  • Stephen “Steve” O’Sullivan Bender: Another of William’s best friends, a lean and wiry boy with straight black hair and volcanic blue eyes. He is fiercely loyal to his Irish-American heritage, with a mother from County Kerry and an old American paternal lineage.

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