UNTITLED STORY (Help! Help! They’re murderin’ me!). 1000 words, unfinished. 

In this gripping untitled story fragment, we’re thrown into the dangerous and mysterious world of Makassar’s native quarters, where Mike O’Brien, a formidable Irish-American fighter, becomes an unwitting hero. The story kicks off with a desperate cry for help that Mike, driven by his innate courage and sense of justice, cannot ignore. His intervention in a dark alley rescues ‘Aroo’ Sloan, setting the stage for an unexpected adventure that hints at hidden treasures and perilous journeys.

This story fragment blends action, mystery, and the allure of untold riches into a compelling narrative that promises an adventure beyond the ordinary. Mike O’Brien’s spontaneous decision to rescue Sloan thrusts him into a dangerous quest for a legendary treasure, guarded by a fearsome tribe and sought after by ruthless adversaries. The detailed description of the characters and the setting vividly paints the chaotic and treacherous world of treasure hunters and fighters, setting the stage for a tale of bravery, greed, and the unending quest for fortune.


  • Mike O’Brien: The protagonist, a brawny Irish-American fighter known for his remarkable physical strength and fighting skills. Having recently parted ways with his captain and lost his earnings, Mike finds himself in a vulnerable position, ripe for the kind of adventure Sloan offers.
  • ‘Aroo’ Sloan: A lean, middle-aged man with a past shrouded in mystery and involvement in dubious activities. Sloan recognizes Mike’s value as a fighter and offers him a chance to join a treasure hunt based on a map he acquired from a dying sailor. Sloan is depicted as desperate but cunning, willing to enlist Mike’s help for an ambitious quest.
  • Red Masters and John Roach: Sloan’s associates, mentioned but not directly involved in the fragment. They are part of the crew planning to seek out the treasure Sloan talks about.
  • Dying Sailor (not directly named): His story sets the plot in motion. Before his death on the beach at Surubaya, he entrusts Sloan with the secret of a hidden treasure on an island in the Banda Sea, along with a map that he had made.
  • Bully Harney, Tom Richards, Bill Slade, and Juan Diego: Antagonists who are after the treasure map Sloan possesses. Juan Diego and his companions are the ones who attack Sloan in the alley, from whom Mike saves him.

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