THE WEREWOLF MURDER CASE. Part of a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa after mid-1932. This was first place in The Collected Letters of REH Volume 3, but later moved to Volume 2.

The letter starts like this:

Ahatou noyon, Fear Finn:

Thinking of nothing particularly to say just I’ll attempt to parody as in days of yore.

An extract from chapter 3:

Vilo entered on his hands and knees. He eyed me menacingly. He wrinkled his patrician nose and snarled, baring long buck-teeth.
“I’m a werewolf,” he announced.
I always try to enter into his whims with zest, zim and zitality. I likewise got on my all-fours. Thereafter the only sound was the shattering of furniture and an occasional gasping oath. At last I got a headlock on him, and twisting him beneath me, hammered him into senselessness with a heavy table-leg. Rising, I weaved uncertainly into the street, spitting out fragments of teeth as I went.

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