The Lion of Tiberias was originally published in July 1933. Farnsworth Wright considered the story for Oriental Stories and returned it for revision in a letter to Howard on June 31, 1932. It is one of Howard’s stories in the historical fiction/crusader tales. It was later published in the Magic Carpet Magazine in July 1933.

The letter from Oriental Stories, signed by Farnsworth Wright, dated June 31, 1932:

Dear Mr. Howard:
THE LION OF TIBERIAS has the makings of a splendid story, but it is not satisfactory in its present form. I think however, that you can easily make it satisfactory.

The trouble lies in the fact that you have put the background that was necessary for you to know thoroughly in order to conceive the tale, into the story; you have written in the background as history, to the detriment of the story. All those details of battle and campaigns at the beginning of the story would interest but few of our readers, especially since you have not prepared the readers for them by enlisting their sympathy for the characters. You first grip the readers’ sympathies and arouse their hatred against Zenghi in the scene beginning on page 10 with the capture of Achmet and Norwald after the flight of the Emir and ending with the death of Achmet. You should begin the story at this point, and quickly cut back to the earlier incident when the prince Achmet saves John Norwald, to let the reader know it comes about that a man from Danelagh in England happens to be the comrade in arms of a Moslem in Asia. This is well-worded as it stands, and needs only to be inserted in its new position, and the rest of the introduction thrown aside as deadwood. From page 10 on, the story is magnificient.

Sincerly yours,
Farnsworth Wright,

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