“The King’s Service” is a tale set in the times of Nagdragore’s forgotten splendor, before its decline under the forces of various invaders. This story intertwines the fates of Western warriors with the intricate politics and culture of the East, specifically within the grandeur of Nagdragore, a city in India.

This story weaves a rich tapestry of cultural exchange, political intrigue, and the timeless quest for power and survival in a world where alliances are as shifting as the sands, and loyalty is the most valued currency.

Story / summary

Nagdragore, once a mighty kingdom that levied tribute from the Deccan, has been lost to time, its ruins swallowed by the jungle. Its story unfolds during its peak, before its fall to invaders like the White Hun, Tatar, and Mogul.

A Viking ship, led by Athelred, ventures into unfamiliar Eastern waters, and its crew, including Donn Othna, a prince of Britain, encounters the mystifying and opulent city of Nagdragore. Initially mistrusted, they are eventually welcomed by Rajah Constantius, who speaks Latin, providing a bridge between the cultures. Constantius, revealing his Greek heritage, invites them ashore as guests.

Donn Othna dines with Constantius, discussing the politics of Nagdragore, the threats to Constantius’ rule, and the dynamics between various factions within the kingdom. Constantius proposes that Donn Othna and the Vikings serve as his unofficial bodyguards due to their trustworthiness and the shared understanding between rulers. Constantius shares his personal history, from a pearl diver to the ruler of Nagdragore, reflecting on the burdens of kingship and his manipulative ascent to power.

Donn Othna convinces Athelred to accept Constantius’ offer of service in the palace guard. Their integration into the palace is tested when Yatala, a young assassin sent by Anand Mulhar, one of Constantius’ rivals, attempts to kill the Rajah. Donn Othna thwarts the assassination, revealing the palace’s dangerous political intrigues. Later, Donn Othna single-handedly defeats Tamur, Anand Mulhar’s formidable strangler, proving his and the Vikings’ value to Constantius.


  • Athelred – The leader of the Viking crew, a giant among men, seeking adventure and plunder.
  • Donn Othna – A prince of Britain among the Vikings, he serves as the mediator between the Vikings and the Eastern kingdom, showcasing valor, wisdom, and a deep understanding of both Western and astern cultures.
  • Rajah Constantius – The ruler of Nagdragore, of Greek heritage, who cleverly navigates the complex politics of his kingdom, seeking allies in the Vikings.
  • Yatala – A young assassin sent by Anand Mulhar to kill Constantius but is subdued and converted by the Rajah’s influence.
  • Tamur – A fearsome strangler and assassin, loyal to Anand Mulhar, defeated by Donn Othna in a brutal confrontation.
  • Anand Mulhar & Nimbaydur Singh – Rivals to Constantius, representing the internal strife and challenges to his rule.

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