Howard did a list of characters for one of his spicy stories, called “Desert Blood”. The list looked like this:


  • Wild Bill Clanton, American sailor, in Tunis seeking to dispose of a cargo of rifles.
  • Zouza, a prostitute, desired by Clanton.
  • Shaykh Ali ibn Zahir, chief of a Bedouin tribe.
  • Miss Augusta Evans, a New England schoolteacher on vacation; handsome in tight-lipped way; schooled to disapproval of everything that differed from the ways of Boston; spectacled, with classical features.
  • Ayisha, a Bedouin girl, mistress of Ahmed ibn Suleiman.
  • Ahmed ibn Suleiman, spy for Shaykh Ali.
  • Zuleykha, favorite wife of Shaykh Ali.
  • Yussef, guide of Miss Evans.

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