Correspondance regarding REH - mailed by Mrs. Frank Torbett

Three letters, all of which were mailed by Mrs. Frank Torbett to REH in an envelope post-marked April 23, 1932. The Torbetts and their son, Thurston, were family friends of the Howards, and Thurston co-wrote “A Thunder of Trumpets” with REH (Weird Tales, September 1938). The letters are: (i) letter from Mrs. Torbett to REH dated April 23, 1932, discussing the other letters in this lot, (ii) a copy of a letter that Mrs. Torbett wrote to Harry Bates, editor of Strange Tales, praising Howard’s work, and (iii) letter dated April 18, 1932 on The Clayton Magazines, Inc. letterhead, from Bates to Mrs. Torbett, signed by Bates.


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