Letter from Farnsworth Wright (Weird Tales), December 28, 1931

The rejection letter states in part, “I am sorry to return your story, THE GREY GOD PASSES. The story itself, the plot, seems very slight, and the weird element is not as strong as I would like it to be.”

The manuscript itself is 36 pages long and contains editorial marks and occasional notes. Accompanying the manuscript and letter is a typed letter from the original consigner that explains the provenance of the manuscript.

This letter and the original typescript was sold on Heritage Auctions on February 21, 2006 for $7,767.50. 

Here’s what HA said about it:

The manuscript is in good condition, with some minor problems. The paper is beginning to yellow and turn brittle. There is already some mild flaking around the edges, and some rust stains from a paper clip on the first page. The letter is also yellowing slightly, and has rust stains from a paper clip on its upper edge. 

The first page of the Grey God Passes.


Heritage Auctions website.