Weird Tales 2006 August/September

Weird Tales, August-September 2006. Volume 63 Number 5. Contains an article THE EVERLASTING BARBARIAN: ROBERT E. HOWARD by Leo Grin. A small illustration by Roy Krenkel. This issue celebrates 100 Years of Robert E. Howard and there are lots of ads the Wildside Press Weird Works of Robert E. Howard series.

Weird Tales 1973 Fall

Weird Tales 1973 Fall. Contains THE MAN ON THE GROUND. is a short story by Robert Ervin Howard where two men are fighting a final duel. First published in Weird Tales 1933 July. It is a brief short story (under 2200 words) set in Texas about two men (Cal Reynolds & Esau Brill) who have been feuding for so long that no one really knows how their feud began.