Sword & Fantasy #2

Articles include a lengthy interview with Jim & Ruth Keegan, the writers and artists of THE ADVENTURES OF TWO-GUN BOB, the Robert E. Howard bio-strip which appears in each issue of the Dark Horse CONAN comic book.

There is also an article on the Conan story “The Scarlet Citadel.” Plus a 1938 article by Henry Kuttner “Selling The Fantasy Story.” Also presented is an 8 page letter by Harold Preece about a Robert E. Howard biography he planned to write. Also included is an article on MODERN ROBERT E. HOWARD FANDOM and the new fanzines currently available, a 1940s article on Robert E. Howard from the old fanzine THE FANSCIENT, and a 1940s review of the Arkham edition of SKULLFACE & OTHERS from a British science fiction fanzine, FANTASY REVIEW. There is also first in a series of articles on Sword & Sorcery in comics (this installment on the 1960s Warren magazines which featured Reed Crandall, Steve Ditko, Gray Morrow, Frank Frazetta and Jeff Jones), and much more!

The Essential Conan

The Essential Conan is a collection of Conan short stories written by Robert E. Howard. The book was published in 1998 by the Science Fiction Book Club. It collects the editions of the Conan books, edited by Karl Edward Wagner and published by Berkley Books in 1977. Most of the stories originally appeared in the magazines Weird Tales, The Phantagraph and The Howard Collector. The Wagner editions were the first to virtually reproduce Howard’s original stories without any editorial changes other than typo fixes.

The Hour of the Dragon

First of three volumes comprising “The Authorized Edition” of Conan edited, with “foreword” by Karl Edward Wagner. Follows the text of the five-part serial published in WEIRD TALES, December 1935 through April 1936.

The story was first published as a five-part serial in Weird Tales between the months of December 1935, January 1936, February 1936, March 1936 and April 1936 (with chapter 20 being misprinted as chapter 21). It was first published in book form in hardcover by Gnome Press in 1950 under the title Conan the Conqueror, a title retained by all later editions until 1977. The first paperback edition was published by Ace Books in 1954. The novel has been reissued a number of times since by various publishers, notably Lancer Books in 1967 and Berkley/Putnam in 1977; the latter, reedited by Karl Edward Wagner, was the first edition to restore the original magazine text and title, under which most subsequent editions have been issued. Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. published an edition in 1989, with illustrations by Ezra Tucker, as volume XI of their deluxe Conan set.