The Cimmerian #3 volume 3

Features a comprehensive essay on the relationship between REH and J.R.R. Tolkien in the fantasy field, another essay on Howard’s fascination with notorious western outlaw John Wesley Hardin, an all-new interview with someone who knew the Howards, poetry, art, The Lion’s Den, and more.

The Cimmerian #6 volume 3

Features an in-depth look at the very first Robert E. Howard Days in 1986, complete with lots of pictures, along with a series of excerpts from the highly anticipated Howard biography by [redacted], a tantalizing tidbit from Don Herron’s interview with Howard friend and contemporary Norris Chambers, rousing battle poetry from Darrell Schweitzer, a huge Lion’s Den, and more.

The Cimmerian #9 volume 3

Features a detailed exploration of the creation of Howard’s first American hardcover, Skull-Face and Others, an article on some mindblowing authentic Howard book finds, an article about discovering a previously unknown Howard connection with a famous author, a trip report of Pulpcon 2006, letters, art, and more.