Risque Stories no. 3

This chapbook is from 1985 and contains the poem ‘The Harlot’ by Howard. It also contains the story ‘Jungle Curse’ by Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman featuring REH’s character John Gorman.
Sam Walser and Justin Case was pseudonyms Howard used when writing for Spicy Adventure Stories.

Risque Stories no. 5

This chapbook from 1987. “Hell Cat of Hong Kong” is one of five stories featuring REH character John Gorman.
John Gorman was created by Robert E. Howard in an untitled synopsis for a “spicy” adventure story.

Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman took this synopsis and used it as a basis for a short story, “She-Cats of Samarkand.” The story was published under the byline of Sam Walser, a pseudonym REH used when he wrote for the “spicy” pulps.

The Cimmerian #4 volume 1

Features a comprehensive Howardian interview with noted Howard editor and religious scholar Robert M. Price, conducted by Ben Zoom, an essay on The Whole Wide World and Christianity by Price, a profusely photographed visit to an interesting Howardian landmark, plus announcements, a meaty Letters column, art, poetry, and more.