Sword & Fantasy #12

Features include an article on Frank Frazetta, 1945 Harper’s review of H.P. Lovecraft, covers of foreign HPL books, old article on Clark Ashton Smith, index to STRANGE DETECTIVE STORIES, E. Hoffman Price tribute to Edmond Hamilton, an interview with the late Nils Hardin (publisher of XENOPHILE), a long article on comic books and horror by James Van Hise, previously unpublished fantasy art by Eduardo Barreto, article on artist Mahlon Fawcett who died in 2015, and more.

Sword & Fantasy #17

Contents include Jack Jackson’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Hound” from 1972 (and which he gave Van Hise permission to reprint back in 1984). Skip Olson color art of Cthulhu. “HPL On Edgar Rice Burroughs.” Reviews of Robert E. Howard books from 1971 & 1977. Folio of HPL inspired art by R.F. McCann. “Introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos” by J. Vernon Shea. A Roy Hunt fantasy illo from 1948. An article on Mark Schultz by James Van Hise. A long fantasy comic strip by Ron Wilber and more.