Robert E. Howard’s Lord of the Dead

“Robert E. Howard’s Lord of the Dead,” a 1992 release by Conquest Press, is a graphic adaptation that brings one of Howard’s stories to the comic medium. The adaptation, skillfully crafted by Richard A. Lupoff, and illustrated by Felix Ortega (using the pen name Pablo Marcos), captures the essence of Howard’s storytelling. The comic features cover art by Marcus Boas and is enhanced by Susan Dorne’s lettering, under the editorial direction of Alphonso D.J. Alphonso.

This is the Graphic adaptation of Howard’s LORD OF THE DEAD.

Sword & Fantasy #6

The front and back cover art is from foreign Robert E. Howard paperback editions. Articles include a long analysis of the Robert E. Howard story “Tower Of The Elephant” (profusely illustrated). A six page folio of illustrations from Robert E. Howard stories printed in Czechoslovakia. An interview with Ray Capella and a short sword & sorcery story by Ray titled “The Lair.” A seven page folio of WEIRD TALES pulp art from Robert E. Howard stories. An article on the REH story “Lord Of The Dead.” An article on Conan pastiche novels (in other words Conan books not written by REH), and more. Artwork by Rick McCollum, Eduardo Barreto, Mahlon Fawcett, and others.