Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector

Dennis McHaney put together a book Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector that he published through Lulu last summer. He solicited and received tributes to Glenn from a number of Howard fans. This is a tribute to Glenn Lord from 2011, winner of Robert E. Howard Foundation Award. Subtitled “For the 50th Anniversary of The Howard Collector and the Eightieth Birthday of Glenn Lord”.
An earlier edition of 50 numbered copies, were signed by Glenn Lord and published in June 2011.

The Cimmerian #8 volume 3

Features a symposium on the rarest of all Howard books, the Herbert Jenkins edition of A Gent from Bear Creek. Four different articles present a host of new discoveries related to this edition that will knock your socks off, plus bring you up to date on all the latest data regarding how many have been found worldwide, how much they are worth, and where you can see them yourself.

The Cimmerian volume 3 Awards

Features full coverage of the second annual Cimmerian Awards, including a report on Awards Night in Cross Plains, interviews with all of the winners, full breakdowns of the voting with charts and percentages, hundreds of comments and opinions from voters in each category, and breaking information on future projects. Also includes three never-before-seen panels of Dalmatius art not available in any other issue.