Back in 1999 when I ran the website, William Galen Gray sent me a Conan novel. I’ll let him explain it as he did then:

Conan the mighty

by William Galen Gray

Author’s Note: This was my first major attempt at fiction. I chose Conan as my subject matter because I’m a great fan of Conan and his creator, Robert E. Howard, though it seems doubtful that this work will ever be read by an editor, much less be put into print. Conan Properties Incorporated has had my manuscript since 1996, but they have yet to strike a deal with a new publisher since their contract with Tor (Tom Doherty Associates) ended and was not renewed. So here it is for anyone who cares to read it. It could use a fair amount of polish, I know, but I have other projects that must come first… Anyway, this work is about 140,000 words, so I’ve separated it into chapters for your convenience.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Hail Crom!

–William Galen Gray, July 12, 1999

P.S.: In case anyone was wondering, my tale takes place between “Conan The Guardian” and “Queen of the Black Coast, Ch. 1” on the Timeline, though there are time gaps before and after my story takes place.

“Conan” ©Copyright, Conan Properties, Inc. “Conan The Mighty” ©Copyright 1996, William Galen Gray.