Texas and Howard Days 2022

Fort Worth

Texas trip

Another huge city. It’s the fift-largest city in Texas. We will drive to Fort Worth on May 31 and stay there for 2 nights. 

What to see or do in Fort Worth?

We have had some suggestions of what to see in this city too. Some of them are:

  • Fort Worth Zoo is one of the nation’s best.
  • The Fort Worth Stockyards is a bit touristy but interesting.
  • Paul Herman has built a new house near Weatherford, just about a half-hour west of Fort Worth. We have been invited to a barbeque later on in our trip.
  • Tip from Paul: Could take one afternoon to drive over to Dallas and hit the Galleria for the wife. It is a five-story upscale shopping mall, and one section has an ice rink at the bottom. So, the daughter can show how much better she skates than Texans (oh, THAT’LL be hard to do), and the wife can shop for fun.

After 2 nights in Fort Worth we’re off to Abilene.